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Why Play at Black Swamp?

By Jason Miller, 09/19/17, 12:45PM EDT


At Blackswamp Volleyball Club, we take recruiting very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we have invested in best in class technology to help each athlete in our program. The platform is called SportsRecruits and it is used by many of the top clubs in the country. 

See, the recruiting process does not just happen. You do not snap your fingers and end up at your dream school. They call it a recruiting process for a is a process. 

What SportsRecruits does is give us the ability to arm each family with the tools they needed to go after their process. Take a look at some of the data from the last year on SportsRecruits. 

Our athletes love SportsRecruits. They are logging in daily in many cases. Players logged in over 1,100 times in the past year  - over 23 times per player!!! 


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Once they logged in, they got right to work picking the schools they liked. Every school in the country is on this platform. Before we can help you go after the right schools, you need to pick some schools that you are interested in.   Our players identified over 480 schools that were of interest for them!


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The process of a family picking schools they like is so important because we as coaches can then see those schools and help you narrow down your list.   Once a list has been built, our players use a really slick messaging system to contact each school. Every program is on SportsRecruits so all communication is handled on the platform.   Our athletes sent almost 300 messages to college coaches! 

SportsRecruits is so great because it makes it so easy for our athletes to reach out to their target list of schools. It takes a few clicks.   With all that outreach, comes college coaches looking at our athletes.   Our players were viewed over 500 times by college coaches.   Every time a college coach views an athlete, I see that and you see that. You know exactly who is looking at your profile and watching your video. For better or for worse, that helps you focus on the right schools. If you do not have this data, you are left guessing. 

You all want the outcome of playing in college and that is what we want also. SportsRecruits makes sure you are going through the process to achieve the outcome you want. Honestly, if you are a player not using technology to go after your dreams of playing in college, you are fighting with one arm behind your back. 

We want to arm you with everything you need!